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LEGO Star Wars Sith TIE Fighter 75272 Collectible Building Kit (470 Pieces)

  • Super-cool, missile-shooting Sith TIE Fighter for kids to build, display and play out high-octane action scenes from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

LEGO Star Wars Yoda 75255 Collectible Building Model (1771 Pieces)

  • Features intricate detailing, posable head and eyebrows, movable fingers and toes, Yoda?s green Lightsaber, as well as a fact plaque with details about the Jedi master and a stand for the included Yoda minifigure and Lightsaber
  • This Star Wars: Attack of the Clones collectible makes a great birthday gift, Christmas present or just a Star Wars? present for any occasion
  • Collect two Yoda LEGO® Star Wars? characters in one set!
  • LEGO® Star Wars? Yoda figure with Lightsaber stands over 16? (41cm) tall

LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 Building Kit

Build and display an icon of the Galactic Empire the Devastator. With over 4,700 LEGO pieces, this Ultimate Collector Series 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer model captures all the authentic details of the starship as it appeared in the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope, including swiveling guns,

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 75218 Building Set

  • Includes Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter LEGO® minifigure pilots, plus R2-D2 and R2-Q2 droids
  • LEGO® starfighter features retractable landing gear, an opening minifigure cockpit, 2 stud shooters and 4 spring-loaded shooters, space for a droid, and a new-for-August-2018 lever-activated cruise/attack mode function
  • Push the model down in attack mode to close the wings
  • Fit each droid laterally in position (new for August 2018)
  • Extra stickers and tiles let you switch between Luke's Red Five and Biggs? Red Three X-wing designs
  • Weapons include Luke?s Lightsaber and blaster pistol, and Biggs? blaster pistol
  • Also includes a fire extinguisher accessory element
  • X-wing in attack mode measures over 4? (11cm) high, 13? (34cm) long and 11? (30cm) wide

LEGO Constraction Star Wars Darth Vader? 75534

  • Buildable and highly posable Darth Vader figure features a textile tunic and cape, detailed armor and chest decoration, wheel-operated arm-swinging function and a removable helmet revealing Anakin Skywalker?s face
  • Features new-for-January-2018 decorated head, removable helmet, and textile tunic and cape
  • Move the limbs into any battle pose
  • Sturdy and durable design for intense action play
  • Play out epic adventures from the Star Wars saga
  • Stands over 12? (32cm) tall

LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet 75277 Building Kit; Cool Collectible Star Wars Character Building Set (625 Pieces)

  • Create a cool Boba Fett Helmet, part of a series of collectible LEGO® brick Star Wars™ build-and-display models for adults and any advanced builder.

LEGO Star Wars Droid Gunship Combat Building Toy 75233

  • Includes 2 LEGO® Star Wars? minifigures: Chief Tarfful and Yoda, plus 2 Kashyyyk Battle Droid figures
  • Features 2 globe joint-mounted cannons, 4 dual flick missiles (8 in total) underneath, 2 wing-mounted stud shooters, lowering landing gear and an opening cockpit with space for a Kashyyyk Battle Droid
  • Weapons include Tarfful's long-gun, Yoda's green Lightsaber and 2 blasters for the Battle Droids
  • Lay down a hail of missiles with the 4 dual-flick missiles and stud shooters as you battle the Clone Army!
  • Battle Droids feature new-for-January-2019 head decoration and torso color
  • Create your own Star Wars?: The Revenge of the Sith style battles on Kashyyyk!
  • Go head to head against the 75234 AT-AP Walker for even more LEGO® Star Wars? fun
  • Droid Gunship construction toy measures over 1? (5cm) high, 11? (29cm) long and 9? (24cm) wide

LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV 75244 Toy Star Ship Building Kit (1768 Pieces)

  • Weapons include a blaster pistol and 3 blasters
  • Also includes a pair of electrobinoculars
  • Captain Antilles minifigure is an updated version from 2009, while Princess Leia's skirt and Bail Organa are new
  • This highly detailed building toy construction set includes over 1,750 pieces

LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack 75267 Shock Troopers and Speeder Bike Building Kit (102 Pieces)

  • Unleash kids? creativity as they build their own army, defense fort and speeder with this LEGO® Star Wars? Mandalorian Battle Pack!

LEGO Star Wars TM Yoda's Jedi Starfighter 75168

  • Age range: 8 to 12 years
  • Includes a Yoda minifigure and R2-D2 figure
  • Features folding wings, minifigure cockpit, space for R2-D2 behind and 2 laser cannons and spring-loaded shooters
  • LEGO Star Wars TM First Order Star Destroyer? 75190

    Lego Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer 75190

    LEGO Star Wars Resistance Y-wing Microfighter 75263 Building Kit (86 Pieces)

    • Introduce kids to LEGO® Star Wars? role-play action with a quick-build Resistance Y-wing Microfighter and Zorii Bliss minifigure!

    LEGO Star Wars Sith Troopers Battle Pack 75266 Stormtrooper Speeder Vehicle Building Kit (105 Pieces)

    • Let kids build an army of First Order troopers and lead them into role-play battles with this LEGO® Star Wars? Sith Troopers Battle Pack!

    LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Obi-Wan?s Hut 75270 Hot Toy Building Kit (200 Pieces)

    • Let kids recreate Lightsaber-swishing, hologram-viewing Star Wars: A New Hope action with a hot Obi-Wan Kenobi Hut building toy and 4 minifigures!

    lego star wars tie fighter 75095 star wars toy

    Let the Young Jedi in your life soar with the Ultimate Collector Series Lego® Star Wars TIE Fighter. As featured in many of the action-packed Star Wars battle scenes, including the decisive battle that led to the destruction of the first Death Star, this large-scale Lego-brick rendition of the class

    LEGO Star Wars TM First Order Heavy Assault Walker 75189

    • Includes 5 minifigures: Captain Poe Dameron, Rey, a Resistance Trooper, First Order Walker Driver and a First Order Stormtrooper
    • Features posable legs, a posable head with opening minifigure cockpit and spring-loaded shooters, aimable rapid-fire stud shooter on top, detachable canisters at the rear and opening ammo stores at the side
    • Weapons include Rey?s Lightsaber, 2 blasters and a blaster pistol
    • Turn the handle to aim the top-mounted rapid-fire stud shooter
    • Measures over 13? (35cm) high, 13? (35cm) long and 4? (12cm) wide

    LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter 75249 Building Kit

    • Includes 5 LEGO® Star Wars? characters: Poe Dameron, Zorii Bliss and First Order Snowtrooper minifigures, and D-O and astromech droid LEGO figures
    • Star Wars? Resistance Y-wing Starfighter, aka wishbone, features an opening minifigure cockpit, folding landing gear, 2 spring-loaded shooters and top-loaded bombs with trigger-activated release
    • Weapons include Poe's blaster pistol, Zorii's 2 blaster pistols and the First Order Snowtrooper's blaster
    • The Y-wing's color scheme and Zorii's molded helmet are new
    • Recreate exciting moments from the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie
    • This starship makes a great birthday gift, Christmas present or just a fun Star Wars? gift for any occasion
    • Star Wars? building set measures over 2? (7cm) high, 16? (43cm) long and 7? (19cm) wide

    LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren?s Shuttle Microfighter 75264 Upsilon Class Shuttle Building Kit (72 Pieces)

    • Introduce young kids to LEGO® Star Wars? construction kits with a quick-build Kylo Ren?s Shuttle Microfighter to create exciting scenes!

    LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters 75265 Collectible Toy Building Kit for Kids (198 Pieces)

    • Introduce young kids to LEGO® Star Wars? role-play battles with 2 quick-build Microfighters inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope!

    LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Kylo Ren's Shuttle 75256

    • Includes 6 LEGO® Star Wars? minifigures: Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, General Pryde, a Sith Trooper, a First Order Stormtrooper and 2 Knights of Ren
    • Kylo Ren?s command shuttle features rotatable right engine for folding in the wings when landing, the ability to shorten the wings by folding the top part down, 2 spring-loaded shooters, lowering access ramp and a 3-minifigure cockpit
    • Weapons include Kylo Ren's Lightsaber, General Pryde's blaster pistol, the Sith Trooper's blaster rifle, the First Order Stormtrooper?s blaster and the Knights of Ren?s axe and mace
    • Includes a new Knights of Ren helmet design
    • Inspire role-play scenes from the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie with Kylo Ren?s personal transport ship
    • Makes a great birthday gift, Christmas present or just a Star Wars? gift for any occasion
    • LEGO® Star Wars? ship with wings extended measures over 13? (35cm) high, 8? (21cm) long and 19? (50cm) wide