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LEGO Elves Naida & the Water Turtle Ambush 41191

  • Includes a Naida mini-doll figure plus Furi the shadow bat and Calypso the baby turtle figures
  • Features a buildable Cory the Guardian Water Turtle figure that includes space for a baby turtle figure and space on the head for a magic Water ?diamond'
  • Also includes a small ?floating' island with disc shooter and space for a fish, plus a small boat with a chain shooter and space for a bat figure
  • Hop on the back of the Guardian Water Turtle and take a ride
  • Jump over to the island and load the disc shooter to fight the evil shadow bat
  • Launch the chain from the boat?s chain shooter to knock the ?diamond? from the turtle?s head
  • Accessory elements include a cupcake with cherry, Naida?s power-up staff, 2 discs, 2 flowers, map, magic Water ?diamond' and a fish
  • Other mischievous little bats can be collected in selected LEGO® Elves sets
  • Guardian Water Turtle measures over 1? (4cm) high, 4? (12cm) long and 3? (9cm) wide
  • Boat measures over 2? (6cm) high, 2? (6cm) long and under 1? (2cm) wide

LEGO Elves Rosalyn's Healing Hideout 41187 (460 Pieces)

Join exciting adventures in Elvendale as Rosalyn Nightshade the healer elf aids the Elves in their quest and guards the forest with Sapphire the dragon, featuring translucent wings, space for two mini-doll figures and the baby dragon on her back, plus an unfolding tree that rev

LEGO Elves Aira & the Song of the Wind Dragon 41193

? Includes Aira and Lumia mini-doll figures, plus Sebastian the bird and Phyll the shadow bat figures.
? Features a buildable Cyclo the Guardian Wind Dragon figure with transparent wings, movable head, legs and tail, opening jaw, space for 2 mini-doll figures, and space on the head for a magic Wind ?diamond?.
? Also includes a 3-level music school with opening entrance door, rotating sign and 2 hiding places, ?floating? island that moves by sliding the lever, and a bat airship with shooting function and spinning propeller.

LEGO Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack 41196 (883 Pieces)

  • Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Lumia, Naida and Azari, plus Hippo and Crase bat figures, Blubeary the bear figure and 2 spider figures.

LEGO Elves Aira's Airship & the Amulet Chase 41184

Cruise with Aira and Emily Jones as they chase after Emilys stolen amulet in Airas airship, plus a goblin glider with seed shooters, a goblin and two mini-doll figures.

LEGO Elves The Precious Crystal Mine 41177

  • Age Range: 7 to 12 years
  • Includes Naida and Farran mini-dolls, plus Floria the baby earth dragon and a mouse
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