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LEGO Minecraft The End Battle 21151 Ender Dragon Building Kit

  • Includes a new-for-January-2019 dragon slayer minifigure, plus ender dragon and enderman figure
  • This Minecraft? toy features a buildable ender dragon toy with highly posable limbs and an enderman figure, plus a Minecraft End setting with obsidian pillar and an end crystal with pop-up functionality
  • Check your dragon slayer armor, grab your potion, ender pearl and enchanted bow, and prepare for The End Battle!
  • Shoot fireball missiles from the ender dragon and move its limbs to create dynamic poses
  • Weapons include an enchanted bow
  • Accessories include an ender pearl and a potion
  • Set your imagination free?rebuild the set for more LEGO® Minecraft? creations!
  • Also includes a code for redeeming a LEGO® dragon slayer skin in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition online game
  • This set includes over 222 pieces
  • Measures over 3? (9cm) high, 9? (23cm) wide and 5? (13cm) deep

LEGO Harry Potter Expecto Patronum 75945 Forbidden Forest Wizard Building Set

  • Includes 4 LEGO® Harry Potter? minifigures: new Harry Potter, new Sirius Black? and 2 Dementors?
  • This LEGO® Harry Potter? set features a forest scene with a small lakeside build and 2 buildable trees with a spell-cast shooting function, plus a new semi-transparent glittering stag figure with room for a minifigure on top
  • Also includes Harry's wand to cast the Expecto Patronum spell, as used in the Harry Potter? and the Prisoner of Azkaban? movie
  • Larger tree measures over 5? (13cm) high, 3? (8cm) wide and 1? (4cm) deep
  • Stag figure stands over 2? (7cm) tall

LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Resistance A-Wing Starfighter 75248 Building Kit

  • Includes Snap Wexley and Lieutenant Connix LEGO® Star Wars? minifigures
  • This Star Wars? building toy features an opening minifigure cockpit, retractable landing gear, wingtip cannons and 2 integrated spring-loaded shooters
  • Playset weapons include Snap Wexley's blaster pistol and Lieutenant Connix's blaster
  • Recreate exciting moments from the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie
  • Makes a great birthday gift, Christmas present or surprise gift for any occasion
  • LEGO® Star Wars? starship measures over 2? (7cm) high, 7? (20cm) long and 4? (12cm) wide

LEGO Jurassic World Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt 75935 Dinosaur Truck Toy

  • This LEGO® Jurassic World dinosaur toy playset for kids includes 4 minifigures: Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Danny Nedermeyer, Sinjin Prescott, plus a Red the dog figure
  • Offroader features space for 2 minifigures, rear storage space, attachment point for the trailer, brick-built flashlight and fuel container, plus a screwdriver element
  • Trailer features a buildable antenna and assorted plant elements on the exterior, an opening door and a detailed interior with a buildable computer and bed, plus assorted elements including a coffee cup, movie camera and frying pan
  • Jungle scene features a buildable palm tree, hidden treasure chest with a reveal function and 6 gem and 2 gold-colored bar elements inside, plus assorted elements including plants and 2 fish
  • Press the trigger to reveal the hidden treasure chest
  • Molded, buildable Jurassic World Baryonyx dinosaur toy figure features snapping jaws and a posable head, arms and legs
  • Weapons include Owen Grady's tranquilizer gun and Sinjin Prescott?s machete
  • Accessory elements include Sinjin Prescott?s hat, bag, map and videotape
  • Danny Nedermeyer and Sinjin Prescott minifigures are new
  • Kids can reimagine exciting scenes from the LEGO® Jurassic World animated series with this collectible toy
  • This LEGO® building set makes a great dinosaur gift for kids
  • Offroader measures over 2? (7cm) high, 5? (13cm) long and 3? (8cm) wide
  • Trailer measures over 3? (10cm) high, 5? (14cm) long and 1? (5cm) wide
  • Jungle scene build measures over 5? (14cm) high, 5? (14cm) wide and 3? (8cm) deep
  • Baryonyx dinosaur figure measures 4? (12cm) high, 11? (28cm) long and 1? (4cm) wide

LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340 4-Story Building Set (722 Pieces)

  • Includes Olivia, Emma and Andrea mini-doll figures, plus Dash the dog, Rumble the hamster and Cinnamon the bunny figures
  • Features a 4-story converted fire station building with a garage, kitchen, living area, bedroom, roof terrace, performance terrace, side balcony with barbecue, working pulley system, mailbox, spinning fireman?s pole and a slide, plus a friendship tree with swing and a bicycle with trailer
  • Garage features a hamster wheel and tube system
  • Kitchen features a refrigerator, microwave, sink, cooker and worktop
  • Living room features a craft table with 5 stools and opening cupboards
  • Bedroom features 5 beds and a double-sided TV screen/secret mission screen
  • Roof terrace features a hot tub, juice bar, music dock and a lookout tower with ladder and telescope
  • Accessory elements include 2 walkie-talkies, tools, guitar, popcorn, pizza, teapot, washing-up liquid bottle, craft box, scissors, artwork tiles, 5 fabric blankets, mp3 player, cocktail glasses and a carrot
  • Hangout at the Friendship House with the girls from Heartlake City and enjoy a relaxing day listening to music in the hot tub, doing crafts with Emma, or cheering on Andrea?s latest musical performance with this popular kids? toy
  • Use the working pulley to help lift supplies into the house
  • Jump into action when a mission comes in, spin the TV in the bedroom around to see the secret mission screen, and formulate a plan to save the day
  • Slide down the fireman?s pole, jump on the bike and speed off with Olivia?s trailer full of tools
  • Watch the hamster go round on his wheel, give the dog a little swing under the friendship tree, and feed the bunny a juicy carrot
  • Friendship House measures over 11? (30cm) high, 9? (24cm) wide and 4? (12cm) deep
  • Friendship tree measures over 3? (10cm) high, 7? (19cm) wide and 1? (3cm) deep
  • Bicycle with trailer measures over 3? (10cm) long, 1? (4cm) wide and under 1? (1cm) high
  • Park 41330 Olivia?s Mission Vehicle in the garage, ready for even speedier rescue missions

LEGO Classic Blue Baseplate 10714 Popular Toy Building Accessory

  • Blue LEGO® Baseplate
  • Create a seaside town, sunny swimming pool, ship on the high seas or whatever else you can imagine
  • A great supplement to any LEGO® collection
  • Measures 32x32 studs or 10'' (25cm) square
  • Let creativity grow with LEGO® Classic sets

LEGO Classic White Baseplate 11010 Creative Toy for Open-Ended Imaginative Play

  • Give LEGO® fans a bigger, brighter way to build, play and display their own creations with this 32x32-stud, white baseplate.

LEGO Minecraft The Zombie Cave 21141 Building Kit for Creative Play

  • Includes a Steve LEGO® Minecraft? minifigure, plus zombie, baby zombie and bat figures
  • Features a buildable Minecraft? cave setting with TNT blasting function, ladder, furnace, lava and coal, redstone, gold and diamon d-style ore elements
  • Activate the TNT function to blast your way into the cave
  • Pull the lever to send the gravel blocks tumbling
  • Battle to defeat the hostile zombie and baby zombie
  • Also includes an iron pickaxe element
  • Accessory elements include a cookie, torch and a furnace
  • Set your imagination free?rebuild the set for more LEGO® Minecraft? creations!
  • Measures over 4? (11cm) high, 7? (19cm) wide and 5? (14cm) deep

LEGO Marvel Avengers Captain America: Outriders Attack 76123

  • This Captain America playset includes 4 Marvel Universe minifigures: Captain America and 3 Outriders
  • Captain America?s bike features a minifigure cockpit, 2 Captain America shield shooters, front wheel with detachable non-shooting blasters, attachment points for minifigures, fold-down bike stand, headlight element and an exhaust flame element
  • Detach the blasters and put them in Captain America's hands ready for battle and imaginative play
  • This superhero playset includes Captain America?s new helmet element and Avengers team suit decoration
  • Recreate thrilling action from the Marvel Avengers movies with this awesome LEGO® construction toy
  • Captain America?s vehicle measures over 2? (7cm) high, 8? (21cm) long and 2? (7cm) wide

LEGO The Movie 2 Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter 70849 Toy Spaceship (405 Pieces)

  • This LEGO® set includes 3 toy minifigures: Wyldstyle, Emmet and Rex, plus a Sweet Mayhem mini-doll figure and 3 brick-built Star figures
  • Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter features 2 opening cockpits (for minifigures or mini-doll figures), a star-disc shooter, opening rear compartment for the 3 Star figures with a Star-bomb-dropping function, plus 2 opening storage compartments for Sweet Mayhem's 2 small hearts and spare star-disc ammo,
  • The star-disc shooter is activated by pressing the trigger at the back of the Star Fighter
  • Pull the lever at the back to drop the 3 Star figures like bombs
  • Weapons include Rex?s stud shooter with a spare stud attached to the back, and Sweet Mayhem?s blaster
  • Accessories for THE LEGO® MOVIE 2? characters include Emmet's Rex wig element and Rex's brick-built LEGO jetpack
  • Recreate fun adventures from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2? with this kids' toy playset
  • THE LEGO® MOVIE 2? spaceship measures over 3? (9cm) high, 11? (29cm) long and 9? (24cm) wide

LEGO Trolls World Tour Poppy's Hot Air Balloon Adventure 41252 Building Kit (250 Pieces)

  • With The LEGO® Trolls World Tour Poppy?s Hot Air Balloon Adventure toy, Trolls fans can recreate exciting scenes from the Trolls World Tour movie.

LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center 60139 (374 Pieces)

  • Includes 4 minifigures: 2 police officers and 2 crooks, plus a police dog figure
  • Features a Mobile Command Center, police motorbike and crook?s ATV
  • Mobile Command Center features a detachable cab, jail cell with breakout feature and room for 2 minifigures, monitoring room with screens, satellite dish on the roof, desk, seat and storage area for the motorbike and tools at the back of the trailer
  • Crooks' ATV features a chain and hook
  • Attach the ATV's hook and chain to the jail cell door bars to break out the crook
  • Set up the Mobile Command Center and unload the police motorbike
  • Catch the crooks and lock them back up in the cell
  • Accessory elements include a mug, backpack, 2 money bills, 2 cones, wrench, walkie-talkie, lollypop stop sign and a set of handcuffs
  • This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 6-12
  • Truck cab measures over 3? (8cm) high, 5? (13cm) long and 2? (7cm) wide
  • Mobile Command Center measures over 4? (11cm) high, 9? (23cm) long and 2? (6cm) wide
  • ATV measures over 1? (3cm) high, 2? (7cm) long and 1? (5cm) wide
  • Motorbike measures over 1? (3cm) high, 2? (7cm) long and under 1? (2cm) wide

LEGO City Fire Station 60215 Building Set with Emergency Vehicle Toys

  • Includes 4 LEGO® City minifigures: a fire chief and 3 firefighters, plus a fire dog figure
  • Features a 3-level fire station with office, relaxation room and scout tower, small waterside dock and a separate garage with large opening front door and a landing pad for the included buildable drone Also includes a small build with a trash can, newspaper stack and buildable flame elements
  • This cool set also features a fire department off-road vehicle with new-for-January-2019 working light and sound brick, working fire hose with lever and storage compartments, plus a water scooter with space for a stud-shooting fire extinguisher and a scouting drone with spinning rotors and a rotating camera
  • Accessory elements include a stud shooting fire extinguisher, 6 water elements, bucket, telephone, television, popcorn and a remote-control element for the drone
  • Spin the rotors to launch the drone and rotate the camera to search for fires
  • Press the light and sound brick on the off-road vehicle to clear the way as you speed to the fire
  • Load a water element into the fire hose and extinguisher and push the levers to shoot them at the fire and ?put? them out
  • Fire station garage is compatible with fire vehicles from other LEGO® City Fire sets
  • This creative building toy set includes over 500 pieces
  • Fire station measures over 11? (28cm) high, 8? (21cm) wide and 10? (27cm) deep
  • Fire off-road vehicle measures over 2? (6cm) high, 4? (12cm) long and 1? (5cm) wide
  • Water scooter measures over 2? (6cm) long and 1? (3cm) wide
  • Scouting drone measures over 1? (3cm) high, 2? (7cm) long and 2? (7cm) wide

LEGO Harry Potter Grindelwald'S Escape 75951

  • Includes Gellert Grindelwald and Seraphina Picquery? minifigures, plus a Thestral figure with posable wings
  • Features a buildable articulated carriage with opening doors and a removable roof
  • Flap the Thestral?s wings to make a flying escape
  • Also includes shooting spell accessories on the hands of Seraphina and Grindelwald
  • Recreate iconic scenes from the Fantastic Beasts? movie
  • Accessory elements include 2 wands
  • Carriage with Thestral measures over 3? (8cm) high, 9? (25cm) long and 2? (7cm) wide

LEGO Hidden Side Augmented Reality (AR) Graveyard Mystery 70420 (335 Pieces)

  • Download the LEGO® Hidden Side? app and point your phone at the Graveyard Mystery playset to make this building set for kids come alive and reveal the Hidden Side Move the phone around to discover an ever-changing environment hidden around the model
  • This augmented reality toy includes 4 minifigures: heroes Jack Davids and Parker L Jackson, a skeleton figure and Mr Branson, plus Davids's ghost dog figure, Spencer, to pretend play the ghost-catching play in this graveyard toy and in the AR app
  • This Graveyard Mystery unique toy features a tombstone statue that twists, grave that open and a haunted toy tree with posable arms
  • Set in the fictional town of Newbury, where ghosts haunt people and buildings, LEGO® Hidden Side? playsets let kids play out exciting ghost-hunting adventures that combine physical LEGO models with fully-interactive augmented reality
  • Build and play with the physical set and then bring it to life as you interact with the set while viewing it through the app
  • Using the LEGO® Hidden Side? app is like looking through a window to a cool and spooky Hidden Side filled with challenging mysteries to solve, ghosts to defeat and unique ghost bosses, like Mamali, to overcome in each set
  • To get the full augmented reality experience, a tablet or mobile phone is required, but not included Compatible with selected iOS and Android devices Check compatibility at wwwLEGO.com/devicecheck Children should ask permission before going online
  • Graveyard measures over 5? (14cm) high, 12? (32cm) wide and 3? (10cm) deep

LEGO City Forest Fire 60247 Firefighter Building Toy for Kids (84 Pieces)

  • Introduce budding firefighters to the excitement of LEGO® City with this fun forest fire building set ? for kids who love action and adventure toys.

LEGO City Police Police Patrol Car 60239

  • Includes a LEGO® police officer minifigure
  • Features a LEGO® police car with removable roof, space inside for a minifigure and iconic decorations
  • Also includes 2 police traffic cone accessory elements
  • Patrol car measures over 1? (4cm) high, 4? (12cm) long and 1? (5cm) wide

LEGO Brickheadz Beast 41596

  • Age Range: 10 years and up
  • Build Disney's BeastFeaturing a decorated waistcoat, buildable mane and horns, and a display baseplate
  • LEGO Friends Olivia's Cupcake Café 41366

    • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: LEGO® Friends Olivia and LEGO Friends Emma, plus a Zobo the robot figure
    • This pretend play toy features a serving area with rotating function, a cupcake-making machine with dispensing function, kitchen with a sink and opening oven, outdoor table and a delivery scooter
    • Accessory elements include cupcakes, a whisk, cooking ingredients, cake-decorating tool, pot, wrench, blender, coffee machine, cash register, bill, parasol, milk machine and a cup
    • Create and decorate mouth-watering cupcakes in the kitchen with this fun cooking play set
    • Use the cool dispensing machine to buy a cupcake, or choose one from the sushi-style rotating server that you can decorate with the included holographic stickers to make it flash when it turns
    • LEGO® Friends sets encourage creative play, and make building imaginative and fun
    • Café measures over 5? (13cm) high, 7? (19cm) wide and 4? (11cm) deep
    • Toy scooter measures over 1? (5cm) high, 2? (7cm) long and 1? (3cm) wide

    LEGO DUPLO Disney Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade 10597

    • Includes 2 LEGO® DUPLO® figures: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
    • Features a train and a buildable birthday cake
    • Accessories include balloons, a candle and 3 gift-decorated bricks as story starters
    • Number bricks from 1 to 5 help children learn their age and promote early number recognition
    • Figures and accessories fire the imagination and encourage role play
    • Help your child master basic building skills with this simple model
    • Throw a party with Disney's Mickey and Minnie!
    • Build the cake and sing Happy Birthday
    • Fill the train with birthday fun and enjoy the parade!
    • LEGO® DUPLO® products are specially designed to be fun and easy for little hands
    • Train measures over 7" (18cm) high, 13" (34cm) long and 2" (6cm) wide